The courage to step in as you

Our beautiful hair is our crowning glory. Its versatility helps us to express our personality, style, and professionalism, our way. We want to keep it looking good, so we avoid water and the irreparable damage it can cause. That means missing out on spa dates with friends, grabbing a quick shower can be a real ordeal, and the kids asking to go to the splash park is a huge no, no.

It doesn't have to be that way

You can start saying yes with Obé. Our revolutionary waterproof head scarf that keeps your hair dry and protected.

The innovative design has been created to behave just like fabric. Unlike anything else, it isn't pre-tied, so you can control the style, comfort, and fit without the hairline breakage.

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Danielle Obe Innovator

Obé started with a promise...

A promise from a mother, that I would move heaven and earth to make a change so that my daughter and all the women and girls before her could find their place in the water. Without fear, without upset, without worry, just peace, and the opportunity for a better quality of life.

Danielle Obe - Innovator

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