swim turban waterproof headwrap

The courage to step in as you

Your hair is beautiful. Its versatility helps you to proudly express who you are. Protect your style from damaging water with Obé. A revolutionary waterproof head scarf that keeps your hair dry.

Designed for functionality, styled for life.

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Swim turban waterproof headwrap

Helps keep your hair dry

Made from our unique, high quality and waterproof material. You can focus on looking good, and the water resistant properties of Obé will help to keep your hair dry.

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swim turban waterproof headwrap

A unique fit

Obé has been innovatively created to behave just like fabric. It isn't pre-tied, so the flat piece of waterproof material can be tied like you would a head wrap. Giving you the ability to control your fit, making styling easier and more comfortable.

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swim turban waterproof headwrap

Avoid breakage & damage

The flexible nature of Obé means that you can feel secure, without causing any damage or breakage to your hairline.

swim turban waterproof headwrap


Obé has been created using a synthetic rubber that is our own unique formula.

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swim turban waterproof headwrap

Define your look

Whether you go natural, have braids or are partial to a weave Obé has something for you. With multiple sizes, two different shape designs, a variety of colours and patterns available for you to choose from.

Danielle Obe Innovator

It all started with a promise...

A promise from a mother, that I would move heaven and earth to make a change so that my daughter and all the women and girls before her could find their place in the water. Without fear, without upset, without worry, just peace, and the opportunity for a better quality of life.

Danielle Obe - Innovator

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