swim turban waterproof headwrap

The courage to step in as you

Obé is a unique and revolutionary waterproof headscarf designed to keep hair dry. Protect your style with confidence when in, on, and around water.

Designed for functionality, styled for life.

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Our hair is an important part of our identity. It’s part of our culture, and a proud expression of who we are.

For too long, we have had to make the choice between protecting our beautiful hair and enjoying the many benefits of finding our place in the water. I created Obé so we no longer need to choose. We can have both.

Danielle Obe - Founder

Swim turban waterproof headwrap

Embrace water, keep your style dry

Obé has waterproofing properties and an innovative design that help you to look good, whilst giving you the confidence to know your hair is protected.

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Beautifully unique, just like you

Obé has been innovatively developed to behave just like fabric. Carefully designed to be thin, whilst being durable, stretchy, and waterproof.

The flat piece of material is not pre-tied, so that it can be applied just like a traditional head wrap. You have the ability to control your fit, making styling easier, and more comfortable.

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Reduce hairline breakage & damage

The unique and flexible nature of Obé is designed to help you feel secure, whilst reducing hairline damage or breakage caused by the type of traction you may experience with more traditional swim cap designs.

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Opportunity for all

Obé started for the chance of a better quality of life by creating tools that instil confidence with water, and inspire participation.

It is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud that our waterproof head wraps are for everyone because they have been engineered with our own synthetic rubber formula to be hypoallergenic, with no traces of latex.

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swim cap for braids

Style, your way

Whether you choose to go natural, have braids, or prefer the look of a weave, we have something for all hair types.

Obé comes in multiple sizes, with two different shape designs depending on your desired look, and a variety of colours for you to choose from. What's not to love?

waterproof head scarf

Obé started with a promise...

A promise from a mother. One where I would move heaven and earth to make a change so that my daughter and all the women and girls before her could find their place in the water. Without fear, without upset, without worry, just peace, and the opportunity for a better quality of life.

Danielle Obe - Founder

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