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PHAROAH Arch Waterproof Headscarf Black

PHAROAH Arch Waterproof Headscarf Black

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Keep your hair looking good

Your hair is beautifully unique. It is an expression of who you are and takes a lot of hard work to keep it looking good. There is no way you are going to put it at risk, especially from something like water. But, water is life. It has the ability to calm, heal and humble us. You don't need to miss out anymore. 

Obé is our innovative waterproof headscarf, designed to keep your hair dry and protected from water. All you'll have to worry about is how good you look.

Innovatively created as a flat piece of hypoallergenic material, allowing you to control the fit for your comfort and to avoid any breakage or damage. Designed to behave just like fabric, and not pre-tied so you can style your way.

The PHAROAH is shaped more like a durag. It has a dome shape with tails for flexible and easy styling, however you want to.

Ideal for activities that require more regular submersion, such as front crawl, back stroke etc. PLEASE NOTE: For best results, ensure you have tied your Obé's waterproof material effectively around the hairline, using the tails to secure and seal to avoid water penetrating.


  • Waterproof material
  • Arch shaped with easy to tie tails, not pre-tied
  • Avoids hairline breakage and damage
  • Hypoallergenic (no traces of latex)
  • Innovatively designed to behave like fabric
  • Easy styling
  • Comfortable
  • Wide range of colour and pattern options
  • Multiple sizes 

The NEMES is our triangular shaped option, so you can achieve a beautiful turban style just by tying it in the same way you typically would a head wrap.

Size Guide

Width Height
Small 1850mm 546mm
Medium  1850mm 652mm
Large 1850mm 759mm


Hypoallergenic, synthetic rubber material

Care information

For best results, rinse after use.

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