How do I know what size Obé I need?

Using a measuring tape, securely hold the end centrally and at the top of your forehead. Run the tape along the middle parting, until the free end of the tape rests on the middle of your back. Create gentle tension in the tape and hold it centrally on your back. Move your hand to secure at the central point between the top and the bottom of your shoulder blades. That cross section is where you need to take the measurement from and reference against our sizing guide (links below). You are looking to match your measurement as closely as possible to the highest point of the PHAROAH's arch or the NEMES' triangle.

Does Obé come in just one size?

No. We have a small, medium, and large available. Here are the sizing guides for the NEMES and PHAROAH. If you need help working out which size you need, you can find this in the FAQs.

Do you have a kids range?

Not listed separately. However, we have 3 sizing options (small, medium, and large), and multiple colours to meet their needs. We would welcome your feedback if there is something you would like to see from Obé. You can email info@myobe.co with your thoughts.

How do I make sure Obé is watertight?

Both Obé styles can protect your hair from water. However, the PHARAOH is better suited for more frequent, prolonged, and full submersion activities as you can use the tails tied multiple times to secure the hairline.

To ensure you are watertight you either must fully cover your ears or have your ears fully out (so Obé sits behind your ears). Using the tails of the PHARAOH you can create a seal around your head to work as a barrier for water by repeating the tying process as many times as you can. Your hairline should be inside the seal you create.

You can do the 'air' test. If you squeeze the top of your Obé once tied, and air does not escape, you have securely tied it. If you feel a force of air on your face or neck from the squeeze, that would indicate water can get in, so we advise you retie it. For best results, you can follow our tutorial here.

Is there a certain Obé style that is better to use for full submersion?

We designed Obé to keep your hair protected, without compromising your style. Both the PHARAOH and NEMES will keep your hair dry. However, the PHARAOH is better for frequent, prolonged, and full submersion because the tails allow you to better seal and secure the hairline. For best results, you can follow our tutorials here and we have an FAQ explaining how to make sure it is water-tight.

Do I have to use the Luxe Satin Bonnet with my Obé?

We have included the Luxe Satin Bonnet so that you can use it to contain your hair and free up your hands for tying your Obé and for wicking purposes. Or to wear over the top of your Obé during steam treatments and conditioning on wash day.

Should you have a shorter style, that doesn't need to be held in place to apply your Obé you do not need to use the bonnet.